Does Your Industrial Belted Manlift Need to be Replaced?

We are proud to be considered experts in the replacement of belted manlifts. These systems are designed to transport workers through the open floors of buildings.The belt continues to run as workers step on and off the moving beltway from one floor to the next.

We provide cost-effective, proven solutions for replacing a belted manlift. Our Alimak rack and pinion elevator is both permanent and safe.

Please contact us today for our full-service belted manlift repair or replacement solutions.

Elevator Type Payload Capacity Traveling Speed Car Width (Internal) Car Length (Internal) Car Height (Internal)
ALIMAK SE 300–2,000 kg 0.4–1.0 m/s 0.78–1.56 m 1.04–2.60 m 2.17 m
ALIMAK SE-H 2,100–3,300 kg* 0.52 or 0.7 m/s 1.56 m or 1.82 m 2.60 m – 3.90* m 2.35 m
ALIMAK SE-Ex 1,200–2,500 kg 0.5–0.7 m/s

*increased capacity by request