Industrial Elevator Safety

At ASG, safety is our top priority. That’s why we provide one of the safest solutions in industrial elevators you can find. The key to safety starts with our design. Our elevators, transport platforms, and material hoists are constructed with the highest quality standards in mind. Our professional, experienced, highly trained installers make sure that your elevator, transport platform, or material hoist is installed properly and safely. We pride ourselves on making sure every product we install or maintain is safe for our customers.

Safety Compliance & MSHA 48

Here at ASG, safety compliance starts with our employees.

All of our employees participate in the CCS drug program and are screened annually, pre-employment, randomly throughout the year, and post-incident with reasonable cause. All employees must pass a criminal background check. All field employees have their TWIC card, and undergo MSHA 48, OSHA 30, HI-Lo suspended scaffold, aerial Lift, forklift, and first aid training.

Working in the industrial industry, safety is of the utmost importance to everyone at ASG.
We are proud to maintain positive EMR ratings and are in good standing with ARSC, DISA, PEC, AVETTA, ISNetworld, CCS and PowerAdvocate.

On November 15, 2017 we were awarded certification in the Indiana Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (INSHARP). INSHARP participants are model small Hoosier employers, who commit to the safety and health of their workers. At this time, there are only 40 other Indiana companies that have been awarded this honor out of 150,000 eligible companies.

American Service Group Earns INSHARP Certification for Workplace Safety & Health

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